Nature's energy boost
Traditional darkroom print on Multigrade Art 300. 2013

Summer has gone

"Where did they go?
Those long summer days of childhood.
Countless hours of fun and friendship,
Of endless possibilities and adventures in the sun.
As water in a stream,
Flowing under the bridge of time.
Unnoticed and unremarked,
The rushing, babbling brook of youth,
Becomes the languid river of maturity.
But special golden light forever shines, 
on those memories of innocence and joy."
Poem by Jo Lawson, inspired by this picture

Negative taken with Nikon F3 and Ai-S 85/2.0 on Ferrania P30; Print on Oriental Seagull RP-R portrait warmtone. Selective toning in thiourea, mixed for a brown image tone; New border added post-scanning

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